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Welcome to the Whanganui Anglican Parish. We have many beautiful churches throughout Whanganui, varying in shapes and sizes. Our churches are precious spaces we are excited to share with you.

The Details:

Weddings must be conducted by an approved Christian Minister.

All couples who get married in an Anglican Church within our Parish are required to participate in marriage preparations sessions. If one of our local Clergy are presiding over your wedding they will organise this with you. If you are being married by a Minister outside our Parish these sessions will take place with them.

It is a requirement that either the Bride or Groom has been, or intends to be baptised in order to marry in one of our churches.  

Please contact the Parish Office with your questions and to book any of our churches or halls.

1. Includes a rehearsal of up to 2 hours the day before.
Up to 4 hours.
3. Available at All Saints, Christ Church & St Peter's.
Includes exclusive use from 12pm day before until 11pm day of.

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Christ Church
243 Wicksteed Street, City Centre

Our largest church sanctuary also with mezzanine floor, can seat a maximum of 200 people. 

Equipment available for use/hire:
Sound system
Foyer with TV

Hall (also known as the Lower Lounge) also available for hire.

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St Chad's
39 State Highway 3, St John's Hill

Our church on a hill, can currently seat a maximum of 50 people. 

Kitchenette available for use

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St John's
648 No 2 Line, Matarawa

Set amongst the pastures of Matarawa, can seat a maximum of 50 people

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St Luke's
34 Mānuka Street, Castlecliff

Not currently taking bookings. 

Our church by the beach.

Full kitchen & hall available
Large outdoor forecourt area
Large foyer


St Mary's
480 State Highway 4, Upokongaro

Our church by the awa, set in the village of Upokongaro, can seat a maximum of 50 people. 

Picturesque gardens for photos

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St Oswald's
8 Western Line, Westmere

Our English-style brick country church, with category 2B heritage status, designed by architect F. de J. Clere, seats a maximum of 50

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St Peter's
71 Koromiko Road, Gonville

Our first church building originally constructed in 1866 and relocated to Gonville in 1922, with heritage 2B status, stunning architecture and beautiful gardens, seats a maximum of 100 people.  

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