Small Groups are a part of our Parish Vision going Deeper into JesusDeeper into Community and Deeper into our City - we do life and transformation and mission together.

We invite everyone in our Parish to be part of a Small Group, meeting regularly to take the teaching from Sunday deeper into our lives. We nourish each other's lives by training in the way of Jesus, practically and joyfully.

We have a large number of Small Groups across the Parish, contact Tabea to join today!

Contact Tabea

Small Groups Across the Parish

Sam & Luca Tovey-Duckworth
  • Small Group: Monday's 5pm
Grant Doney
  • Small Group: Monday's 7:30pm
Hayden & Victoria Brown
  • Small Group: Monday's 7:30pm
Steve & Louise Rostron
  • Small Group: Monday's 7:30pm
Hugh Ramage
  • Small Group: Tuesday's 10am
Lee Tucker-Ramage
  • Small Group: Tuesday's 2pm
Sara Gaskin
  • Small Group: Tuesday's 2:30pm
Robyn Podjursky & Yvonne Rosewarne
  • Small Group: Tuesday's 7pm
Kevin & Dianne Dalby
  • Small Group: Tuesday's 7pm
Tim & Jill Russell
  • Small Group: Tuesday's 7pm
Caitlin Gedye & Joy McGregor
  • Small Group: Wednesday's 5pm
Joy & Wallace Bell
  • Small Group: Wednesday's 7pm
Davene Vroon & Matt Wenborn
  • Small Group: Wednesday's 7:30pm
Tabea Braun
  • Small Group: Thursday's 7:30pm
Tom Carter
  • Small Group: Thursday's 7:30pm
Margaret Torr
  • Small Group: Friday's 10am