During Lockdown Level 2
Stay Safe and Be Kind

Tēna koutou, hello all, during this changing time. 

We hope you are able to enjoy some of the spring weather and take time to breathe as we transition into level 2. We are so grateful for a government who considers our vulnerable people to be a priority by locking down but also to act swiftly so we can return soon to some form of normality. In these times, Billy and I find ourselves thinking about places in the world where covid is running rampant and where other factors in those places cause this time to be significantly difficult for so many people.  

We have been thinking and praying for our whole Parish over this time, and look forward to gathering again real soon. Connecting in person is what we do. It is central to who we are as church. Different, than say a service which people consume (e.g. a movie in the cinema), we share our lives together, we share the peace and communion, we relate to each other as this is the best way to follow Jesus and we follow his command to love one another. Because of this, we are encouraging people to gather, where they can, and however they feel up to.  

Our Sunday services this Sunday will be unable to operate under current restrictions on spacing and numbers, so we will once again have our Livestream service at 10am. Our community house will provide this, filming live from within Christ Church. (This enables us to gain our lounge back!!) You can watch via out Parish APP or on our Website

We invite you to think about whether you would be comfortable to meet up with one or others to share the service together. Small Groups could gather around a screen, watch the service and share coffee after. Perhaps you want to meet up with a friend and watch it together for connection. The service will follow the similar pattern when we streamed from our house, with the sermon this week coming from Bishop Justin.

Small Groups are able to gather at level 2. If you feel uncomfortable doing that, that’s totally fine. There is no pressure to meet up, we just want to make spaces for people to connect. If you want to remain spaced, your host will ensure you can do this, and masks are welcome.  

If you feel unwell, please do not meet up with anyone. 

Some of our other gatherings won’t resume till we return to level 1. Story Club is one of these, as is the Alpha Course.
For info on others see the Newsletter or contact the leader. It is quite difficult making space for gatherings at level 2 and for some it is simpler to wait till level 1.  

As we transition back through these levels we are reminded of God’s steadfastness and faithfulness. He has seen many epidemics come and go. He has seen his people move through stages of life in different ways, some by choice and some not. In all time God has been present and is present to us now. We pray as you adjust life again, as we operate in different ways, we are reminded we have been here before, God was with us in all time and will be again. 

So much grace and peace to you from Jesus our ever present saviour, teacher, Lord and friend.  

Please see this Pastoral Video:

Pastoral Video Message

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All events on hold until further notice. Stay safe. Be blessed.

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