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Parish Youth Worker
30 hours

This is an awesome opportunity for someone with a passion for young people and seeing them flourish.

1 part co-ordinating and running our Parish Programmes
1 part Youthwork in a local intermediate school
1 part for other community youthwork aligned with the youthworker's skills

You will get to work with a great team of volunteers and work alongside developing future youthworkers

Job description on it's way, for more information please contact the Parish Office.  

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Parish Treasurer
12 Hours

Working alongside the Parish Manager and Admin Team to oversee and steward our Parish Finances (e.g. staff wages, invoices, tax, budget)

We use Xero for all accounting purposes

Job Description
Parish Operations Coordinator
30 Hours

This role is to support the Parish Manager (due to project management over our building projects), to provide operational support and management by the setting up and maintaining of systems as well as oversight of our Parish Communications.  

Job Description
Parish Missions Enabler
20 Hours

Our new Missions Enabler will encourage and enable our Parish in our missional endeavours in the local community and oversees.

This person will primarily work alongside our Parish Small Groups developing and maintaining their Missional Wells (Ngā Puna Oranga).  They will also network with local organisations and services.

Job Description