Maundy Thursday Service
Thursday 6th April

7pm at Christ Church, 243 Wicksteed Street. 

All Welcome.  The Thursday before Good Friday is a special day remembered as the day on which the events of the Last Supper occurred. You can read this in John 13. The name ‘Maundy’ Thursday is especially connected to John 13:14 & 34 where, after washing his disciples’ feet Jesus commands them to do the same for each other, reinforced in verse 34: “I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.” That word ‘command’ is derived from the Latin mandātum, and so also is mandate which became shortened to Maundy. So, on this day Christians have for centuries reminded themselves of this mandate we have from Jesus, to love one another, symbolised by washing each other’s feet.  Foot washing will be a part of our service this Maundy Thursday.  

Good Friday Services
Friday 7th April

10am at Christ Church, 243 Wicksteed Street.  

10:30am St Luke’s jointly hosted with Clifflife, 34 Mānuka Street.

Easter Sunday Services
Sunday 9th April

8:30am - Christ Church, 243 Wicksteed St, City Centre. 

9:45am - St Chad's, 39 - 41 Great North Rd, St John's Hill. 

10am - Christ Church, 243 Wicksteed St, City Centre. 

10am - St Oswald's, 8 Western Line, Westmere. 

10:30am - St Luke's hosted jointly with Clifflife, 16 Rangiora St, Castlecliff. 

11am - St John's, 648 No. 2 Line, Matarawa. 

11am - St Mary's, State Highway 4, Upokongaro

5pm - St Peter's, 71 Koromiko Rd, Gonville. 


We are a diverse community of Jesus followers who worship at 9 services across the week in 8 different locations. Come join us.

Sundays in town

Christ Church

Christ Church 8:30am
A traditional New Zealand Prayer Book
Eucharistic Service with organ.
Contact: Rev. Tony Gerritsen, 021 222 0161
243 Wicksteed Street
Christ Church 10am
A fun service for all ages. Worship band, extended teaching and children & youth programs.
Communion 2nd & 4th Sundays.
Contact: Revs. Billy & Caleb Rowe, 020 456 0456
243 Wicksteed Street
Prayer & Praise 7pm
1st Sunday of the month
A space for extended sung worship, silence, intercession and the prophetic.
Contact: Revs. Billy & Caleb Rowe, 020 456 0456
243 Wicksteed Street

Sundays across the City

St Chad's, St Luke's & St Peter's

St Chad's 9:45am
A traditional New Zealand Prayer Book Eucharist with organ.
Contact: Jean Cherry, 06 344 14214
1/39 Great North Road, St John’s Hill
St Luke's 10am
Our newest church, coffee, warm and welcoming, come join in worship in the seaside part of town
Contact: Revs. Chris & Chelsea Kirby, 0223680221 
34 Manuka Street, Castlecliffe

Sundays in the Country

St John's, St Mary's & St Oswald's

St John's 11am
1st and 3rd Sundays of the month
A traditional New Zealand Prayer Book Eucharist. 
A lovely rural setting followed by a local pub lunch.
Contact: Rob Torr, 021 442 366648
No. 2 Line, Matarawa
St Mary's 11am
2nd Sunday of the month
A traditional New Zealand Prayer Book Eucharist.
A beautiful rural setting followed by lunch at a local café.
Contact: Rev. Lee Tucker-Ramage, 027 2387715
St Oswald's 10am
A family friendly service in a beautiful rural setting.
Contact: Rev. Sue Little, 021 675 3708
Western Line, Brunswick 4571

Wednesday services

All Saint's

All Saints Wednesdays 10am
 A short Prayer Book Eucharist.
Enjoy a pause in the middle of your week and fellowship at the local café after.
Contact: Rev. Lee Tucker-Ramage, 0272387715
81 Duncan Street, Whanganui East.