St John’s Church, Matawara

No. 2 Line, Matarawa


First and third Sundays of the month, 11am:
First Sunday: A service of Morning Prayer with Hymns, drawing on our deep Anglican heritage but using contemporary language.
Third Sunday: A Eucharist service which follows the New Zealand Prayer Book.
Members of the congregation often gather after services at a hotel or café for fellowship.

St John’s Church, 648 No. 2 Line, Matawara
The present St John’s Church at Matarawa was dedicated in 1908. It is the second church on the site: the first opened its doors in April 1866 and the cemetery there dates from that same year. Missionary Richard Taylor provided much of the impetus for getting St John’s built. Before that, church services were held in a local farmer’s barn, and settlers would come from all over the surrounding area for services. The church was built by and for the community, and several Protestant denominations led worship there. It is only in more recent years that the church has come under specifically Anglican auspices. An active “Friends of St John’s” group supports the upkeep of this historic church.

A full description of the church and of the early history of the parish can be found at Heritage Inventory