In our world view we:

(1) Look ‘Up’ to God in worship and service,

(2) Look ‘In’ by developing relationships as the Body of Christ, supporting, encouraging and discipling each other, within the context of being part of the Anglican community of the Wellington Diocese, and of the local church in Whanganui.

(3) Look ‘Out’ in Ministry. We are Christ’s body here on earth and we seek to be His hand’s and feet in the world.

How the Whanganui Anglican Community engages with the world:

Community Ministry

Schools, Clubs

Overseas Missions

Bible Friends

The 10:30 @ Christ Church triangle describes the ministry goals of the 10:30am congregation. It was chosen as the logo for these pages because it illustrates how the whole of the Whanganui Anglican community can be focused together in our Christian corporate life.