Mentoring Programme

Introducing Kei Te Taha/Alongside Mentoring:

The concept of ‘matching’ trained volunteers from churches with people in the community who need some encouragement and support came out of Fresh Perspectives, an organisation that grew up under the Open Home Foundation.

Since Fresh Perspectives is no longer in operation due to a lack of funding, a gap was identified in this area by Whanganui Anglicans, who felt that they could become involved.

In 2018 a number of selected volunteers from the church were trained by the previous Fresh Perspectives national trainer. Further training was provided in March 2019, and mentors will receive ongoing regular training.

Our definition of mentoring:

‘Mentoring is being appropriately present alongside a person, to establish a relationship built on trust by listening compassionately, encouraging them to use their strengths to achieve their goals and allow growth’ (group definition, mentor training, 2018)

– In other words, our mentors will listen in a non-judgmental way, encourage, walk alongside and provide support to people. We use a strengths based approach in helping people to identify solutions or achieve their goals.

– Confidentiality is an essential element to the role.

What our mentors won’t do:

– Social Work or counselling

– Babysit, cook, clean etc

– Give or loan money

– Support at professional meeting such as court or Strengthening Families etc

– Meet separately with an agency worker about the person

– Meet with the person’s children

– Mentor anyone under 18 years of age

BUT if any of the above are identified by the person being mentored, mentors can help identify appropriate people or agencies that may be able to help.

Who are the mentors?

– Mentors are all Christian volunteers, at present they are all members of Whanganui Anglicans.

– Their goal is simply to help; they have no mandate to push religion.

– While they have all had training, ongoing training is an expectation.

– All have had police checks.

– Working mentors all have ongoing professional supervision


– The desire for mentoring sits more strongly with the person being referred than the person referring.

– The mentoring relationship will be carried out face to face once a week for 1 to 2 hours; however but there is room for flexibility by mutual agreement between the mentor and the person being mentored.

– The mentoring match will be gender to gender.

– Mentors can visit in a person’s home or in the community.

– There will be a review at 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and at end of mentoring.

– The review will only be fed back to agency if requested and agreed by the person being mentored.

– Mentoring ends by mutual agreement; BUT a person may withdraw from having a mentor at any time.

– This service is free of charge as it is manned exclusively by volunteers.

– Information regarding ‘red flags’, especially impacting on the possible safety of volunteers MUST be disclosed at the time of referral

Contact us via the Whanganui Anglicans office, phone 345-7723 or email:
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