Being the Family of King Jesus

The Parish
The Anglican Parish of Whanganui was formed by the amalgamation in 2017 of the four existing parishes: Castlecliff, Eastern Whanganui, Gonville, and Wanganui-Christ Church. In many ways this is a return to the origins of the Anglican Church in Whanganui which was founded on the ministry of CMS missionaries, the Reverends John Mason (1840-1843) and Richard Taylor (1843-1873), coverjng a wide region from the Patea River to the Rangitikei River.

Today the Whanganui parish runs roughly from the Okehu Stream on SH3 (near Maxwell in the northwest) to the Turakina River in the southeast, and up the Whanganui River as far as Matahiwi Landing.
We are a vibrant, growing parish with several worship centres, diverse styles, and embracing all ages.

Following in the tradition of those early missionaries, the parish vision is  “Being the family of King Jesus, seeking and nurturing siblings.
We desire to continue the work of Jesus in the world.

Our Missionwhy we exist (what we are here to accomplish)
To bring people into relationship with God the Father through His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, in the power and fullness of the Holy Spirit
To establish them into relationships within the family of God
To develop them into mature Christians;
To enable and encourage them to worship God regularly, and
To serve God effectively in the Church and in the world.

Purpose what we hope to achieve
To support ongoing programmes and to develop a range of initiatives throughout the year that promote Jesus’ name and His church.
To support other initiatives in our city and around the world that are involved in extending God’s Kingdom.
To help people live rich and fulfilled lives, growing in Christlikeness.